Sunday, August 21, 2011

The world's crappiest orc miniature painted

I been methodically painting the remaining unpainted miniatures in my collection. Shamed by the nice dwarven forge miniatures I got a few months ago (thanks to a gift certificate from Jerry of Gold Star Anime), I been began painting miniatures again. At first I focused on the resin props and now going into some of the unpainted monster figures. I am starting with the orcs. I got all the generic orc figures done and now I am tackling my unique figures.

For a long time I had this "thing", some misshapen lead blog representing a orc, hobgoblin or something holding a bow. So after priming everything I decided to tackle it first just to see how much better it would look.

I am pleased with the results now you can tell it is something orcish. Although I am now wondering if it is some weird vampire orc from Tekumel.

Next I decided to tackle one of my simpler unique orcs. Basically a big brute wielding a club.

In case you are wondering what I am using for the orc skin color it is Italian Sage.

Then I painted the mule figure I had. I need to paint the base and then glue it to a wider base. It gotten to be known as the narcoleptic mule from all the time it fell over.

The baggage on top was painted with a color called linen. Sort of a brownish white which makes a nice cloth color. All the paints I got are acrylic paints from Wal-Mart or Jo-Ann Fabrics. I protect the completed miniature with a coating of matte Mod-podge.

Thanks to Scottsz I have a screen shot of the Orc

He mentions that it came from a Heritage Model set called the Crypt of the Sorcerer. I still have the map somewhere. Who ever has this model has a worse one than mine as the area between the legs is filled in with metal. On mine it is free of metal.


Malleustein said...

That really is one weird little orc figure, if indeed it is an orc. Still, looks like you had some fun painting him up.

scottsz said...

The rather primitive miniature at the top is an Orc Archer from Heritage miniatures. It was included in Paint N Play set called Crypt of the Sorcerer.

There are some avid Heritage collectors still around, and you might find that it has some trade in value: Heritage Yahoo Group

A picture of the figure can be found here

Anonymous said...

If you take a basic black and water down a ton. Then take it and wipe it all over the miniature it will get into the crevasses and make it pop.

Chris Kutalik said...

Bitd I had two largish tackle boxes full of Heritage minis from this period--including a host of these ugly orcs. Now if I could only find those damn things in the flotsam and jetsom of my mother's house...

Lasgunpacker said...

Wally has a good point. A wash would really help your paint jobs. There are probably two ways that you could go, easy, and harder. Easy: buy some GW Develan Mud, and get it on there.

hard: buy some future floor wax, and mix with water and paint until you get the right consistancy.

Washing really really helps paint jobs, unless you are at a professional painting level.

Anonymous said...

If a wash screws up your paint job, try priming in black then painting, leaving the black lines in the recesses. Does a similar job, but washes do a bit of fading too, so they're cool.

Mod Podge is a pretty rough kind of sealer. I would get a can of spray clear-coat acrylic sealer.

Do you hold the figure base while you paint? I glue the figure to a nail, stick the nails in a board with predrilled holes or else a piece of styrofoam. This way you handle the nail throughout. After you spray and let fully dry, break the figure off the nail. So you want to use a weak enough glue - white elmer's glue isn't strong enough, but a little super glue works great.

I like the dungeon donkey. I think I used to have that one.

JDJarvis said...

That orc isn't one of the worst looking orcs Heritage produced...

some of the LoTR line of miniatures had some truly awful orc miniatures that make the one in your picture look great.

Hareton said...

Is it good idea to have both sandbox wilderness and a megaudungeon in one setting/campaign?

AcroRay said...

Ironic stumbling across this post, since I've gotten into re-building my old Heritage CAVERNS OF DOOM set, and am on the prowl for this very same CRYPT OF THE SORCERER Orc!

Cheers! - Ray

northierthanthou said...

Early paint jobs are good to have around. When you get depressed because some effect didn't turn out, it's kinda good to remind yourself what horrors you created with those first brush strokes.