Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh my! Where is the God!

Monday, we played the final session of my year long weekly campaign. Set in the Majestic Wilderlands it featured Tim as Ashling Anubis an Elven Montebank, Dwayne as Eolander an Elven Half-Viridian Fighter, and Rusty Battleaxe as Syrivald, a human magic-user of the Order of Thoth.

The campaign used the Swords & Wizardry Core Rules in conjunction with my Majestic Wilderlands supplement. As usual it was in the Main Campaign Area but this time it was focused on Viridistan instead of City-State. In fact they never got to City-State at any point instead, they mostly meandered around the Trident Gulf. The campaign started with them meeting in Gormmah and fleeing the city because they crossed the local thieves guild known as the Madmen. It ended them with them taking down a god and throwing him into the Abyss. It was a great ride and I was privileged to have refereed it.

Due to the fact I used Fantasy Grounds to run this and was present in front of a computer for the whole game. I have more notes written for this than any other campaign I ran. I will be going through them and write some posts around the more interesting ones and the techniques I used.

The campaign end session was a lot of fun and ended on a high note. The classic moment came after they downed the god Horus and were going to teleport him and the party back to Viridistan. Under Swords & Wizardry there is a 1 in 20 chance of mis-teleporting. If you do mis-teleport then there is a 1 in 6 chance you will come in low, otherwise you come in high.

Well they had to get out of the Holy Cities fast with Horus body Eolander is teleported with a 13, Ashling teleports with a 17. Syrivald cast the third teleport and send Horus body to Viridistan and rolls a 1! Then he proceeds to roll another 1 which causes the body to have been teleported low. Roleplayingwise Syrivald doesn't know this so he teleports himself and rolls a 15. He arrives and there is no Horus.

After a quick Locate Object ritual they find them 20 feet underneath their house. Knowing that they might have limited time before they have to zap him again, they enlist the city engineers and got him dug out quickly. So it ended well and they sailed to Malestrom in the Dawn Ocean where the gateway of the Abyss lies.


Akhier the Dragon Hearted said...

Sounds brilliant, can't wait for the future posts about it all.

Dangerous Brian said...

Just read Tims account of the final battle. Brilliant. Was delighted to find out that you use Fantasy Grounds. I have this program too. It's a fantastic way to game, either face to face or digitally.

The Happy Whisk said...

Good job on finishing it out.