Saturday, May 7, 2011

It yet another Harn Day

Got the latest Harn Package from Columbia Games.

They didn't the Rethem maps done so they replaced them with some bestiary articles.

The first is the second half of Rethem which details the various settlements and the nobles who rule them. Like the other 2nd edition Kingdom articles they go more into the personalities which is very helpful for gaming. You can see what this look like with this PDF. After reading it, Rethem is not a very nice place.

They also released the second half of the Bird Article. This is focused more on mundane birds and mostly of use if you are into Harn Manor type gaming.

The Chimerae article is short but interesting. It details the Griffon and the Hippogriff. Apparently the barbarian consider the Hippogriff a very stupid beast.

Then there is article on Deer which also include Elks, and moose. Mostly of use if you roleplay a hunting trip or incorporate survival rules into your game.

The articles are available on RPGNow



Dan said...

There are times when I'm pretty sure CG forgets that Harn is a fantasy game. Instead of wasting time on deer or birds, write more monster articles.

Pedro Gómez-Esteban said...

Might be a bit late to comment on this post, but anyway: I'd heard about Hârn a few times before, but your post interested me enough to check it more thoroughly, and I am completely in love. Just thought I'd let you know you opened a whole new world to someone -- and also, I'd love to hear more about Hârn here!