Monday, May 30, 2011

Gamer's Closet for the win!

Saturday was game day for my Swords & Wizardry campaign at the Gold Star Anime. Particularly interesting for this session is that Dwayne of Gamer's Closet had dropped the second batch of 3D Dungeon tiles he has made out of wood. The preview of which you can see in these series of posts.

Alagahzar, Human Mage of the Order of Thoth
Hazar, Human Thug
Riordan, Dwarven Paladin of the Battle Maiden (Mitra)
The Priestess of Silvanus (Elven cleric)
Grog (Orc Soldier)
Hunter the Halfling Fighter
Heimdell, the Dwarven Runecaster

I didn't use them right off as the group left off in the Brother's tower of Tegal Manor

The below shows them running into the undead guards and wights on the second level.

The 4th level cleric automatically turned the skeletons causing them to quail against the tower walls as the party dispatched the wights. Unfortunately one of the wights successfully struck Hunter the Halfling Fighter causing him to drop from 6th level to 5th level.

The party continued down the stairs and found themselves in a 5 foot wide passageway. Now comes in Dwayne's dungeon tiles. After a search they find two secret doors. Opening the first one they found themselves in a alchemy laboratory. Apparently whoever was working here last was trying to transmute copper into gold. In the lower right corner they found barrels of a powder that transmute flesh into stone as well as another barrel with powder that does stone to flesh. While they were poking around a fire elemental erupted from the cauldron of lava in the middle of the room and was stopped by Hazar the Thug throwing a pottery flask filled with the flesh to stone powder. The elemental turned into lava and collapsed to the floor.

Next the party entered the Game Room where they found several green felt card tables, two bowling alleys, a toy chest, and a magical organ that played itself! On one of the tables was a deck of cards. A magical deck of cards.
(cue ominous music)
The Deck of Many Things!

There was a scramble as half of the party lined up to draw from it. For most it was a wash, as they gained XP and then lost a level from the draws. However for Alaghazar his hubris got the better of him and he drew both the Queen of Clubs and the Queen of Spades, he was killed and then turned into stone.

The bowling alley had two animated bowling balls that proceeded to attack the party. Heimdell took care of one by grabbing it and using it to bowl a strike (He rolled a natural 20). Hazar kick the other down a giant rat hole in the corner of the room where they heard it roll away. The party congratulated Hazar on his thinking as the party despised the rat tunnels under Tegal Manor.

Next the party went through the second secret door.

It opened up into a bedroom where a women that was completely yellow lay sleeping on the bed. Her hair was yellow, as well as skin and clothes. Hazar went to examine her and carefully checked her pulse. Then her body collapsed into a cloud of Yellow Mold spores which Hazar died from after inhaling them. Fortunately Janus the Elven Cleric was still upstairs in the Brother Tower and could cast Raise Dead. (Janus was played by the store owner and he couldn't play that day, but he did come down to the game room to perform the Raise Dead).

Also it turned out that the keg in the corner was filled with poisoned wine. Riordan the Dwarven Paladin wisely let the Priestess of Silvanus check it out before consuming it.

The party checked out the south door.

There they found a room covered with piles of giant rat droppings and a giant rat hole gnawed out of the floor. Note that the Dwarven Forge folks really need not to paint one of their coin piles that particular shade of brown.

The party decided to forego searching that room and instead searched the closets of the room where the yellow lady was located. In one of them they found a secret door.

Opening it up they found themselves on the west wall of a huge hall with a throne at one end. The hall was covered with webs and there were nearly two dozen large spiders crawling around. Also they were treated to the unusual sight of six men in guard uniforms beating on the body of a giant rat. Despite being sympathizing with what they were doing the Paladin sensed they were undead zombies. Also webbed to one of the pillars was a Elven Knight who started shouting that he needed rescue. (The replacement character for Alaghazar).

Careful placement of a fireball, the priestess of Silvanus turning the zombies, and the fighter being able to use their multiple attack (spiders were less than 1 HD) resulted in the room being quickly cleared. The only causality was Hazar who wound up paralyzed.

After searching the room the party decided to search the rate dung room. Finding nothing except the sound of a bowling ball rumbling from the rat hole they continued southwards.

They passed through an empty room but unfortunately, Riordan, the dwarven paladin fell into a 20 foot pit in front of the south door. When that was sorted out the party found the door opened to a long gallery of portraits. Note the small six sided dice marks where the portraits are.

From previous experience the party knew that they each could have a magical effect on the viewer. Grog the Orc ran up to one and promptly disappeared. The Elven Knight peered at another and found himself unable to speak louder than a whisper. While the party considered what happened to Grog, the Elven knight continued to look around.

Found another picture, that allowed him to levitate, and finally watching one of a usurper killing a king that turned into a map to the throne room. At this point he promptly took off thinking there was great treasure to be found. Hazar was watching this, grabbed Heimdell, and the two gave chase.

They wound up in the throne room, an area already explored. After looking around they decided to hack up the throne figuring the treasure was hidden there. A single golden ring fell out, the Master ring to the 26 servitor rings that was found earlier! After a tussle, Hazar wound up buying the ring from the Elven Knight.

Back in the portrait gallery Riordan, the Dwarven Paladin, and the Priestess of Silvanus decided to go after Grog.

They wound up another bedroom and saw that a secret door to the east was opened. They came just in time as they found Grog laying on the ground nearly dead. The paladin healed him back up to 2 hit points, when he was attacked from behind. Whirling around he saw nothing! Puzzled again he was stuck again and his stomach nearly ripped opened as he took 25 points of damage! An Invisible Stalker just struck a critical blow. Luckily the Invisible Stalker focused on the paladin and while beating him down to 8 hit points, Grog hit the creature with two mighty blows, one a critical. They proved enough to bring down the stalker. The Priestress then teleported in time to heal them.

Exploring the rest of the area they found little of anything in the room they appeared in, including it's two closets. The next room to the west was a bedroom that was filled with dozens of small frog with a single huge toad in the middle. They were quickly dispatched with a flask of oil. Searching they found a five foot corridor to the west and that lead to an abandoned magical laboratory where they found healing potions and an amulet that gave +4 save vs poison.

Dwayne's new dungeon tiles worked out really well. All that needed in the future is to change the mix of pieces. I needed more 2x2 with a single wall, 2x2 tiles, 2 by 4 tiles, and 2 by 4 with a single wall. I will be continuing to use these in future games.

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