Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Old Hill Fort

I been trying to do more original adventures for my campaigns. While the overall setting and events are always my own work, I commonly use published modules and tweak them for specific locales. Given that players are free to choose to go wherever they want it is sometimes the only way I can keep up with prep.

With the minimal dungeon style I talked about earlier I been trying to do more original adventures. Like the Elf Lord's Temple the Old Hill Fort is written in a similar terse style. You can download it for your own use from here.

Note that it is a lot smaller than the Elf Lord's Temple and the map represents my first serious attempt at doing a harn style castle/keep 30 years ago. Each square is 5 feet and yes it is supposed to be that cramped which something you should try to use in establishing the atmosphere of the place.

For those who are interested this is a map of the surrounding area. The hill fort is marked with a red dot. The triangle represents a seasonal guard output used by the foresters in charge of patrolling the woods. Each small hex is 2.5 miles and equals 1 league or roughly 1 hour of walking on level terrain.

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Dyson Logos said...

Funky AND Awesome.

I would consider trying to increase the contrast on the maps a bit more, as it stands they print out mighty... grey-on-grey (on a B/W system at least).