Monday, November 1, 2010

The Cape

On NBC a new series the Cape is slated as a midseason replacement. I watch a couple of the preview video on it's website and looks fairly decent. Unlike Heroes it looks like it fully embraces the conventions of superheroes. I like the backstory as well and the motivation it give the main character. The full series works as good as the preview looks.

Also I recommend No Ordinary Family. Potentially it shares some of Heroes problem in that it ditches comic conventions (i.e. no costumes, etc) in favor of personal drama. But there is a tighter cast of characters that are likeable and well acted. I find it interesting they give the dad all the original powers of Superman (1939).


Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying No Ordinary Family. It has been fairly well written though I think I would have preferred it if the family had been the only supers in the world. Still, so far, so good.

The Cape looks like it should be interesting too. To me it has a very pulp avenger kind of vibe.

Rob L said...

No Capes! (someone had to say it)

Anonymous said...

I recommend Misfits, the British superheroes programme. It's dark but really funny.