Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the Attic: The Majestic Wilderlands Part 2

In part 1 I presented a little overview of my homebrewed Majestic Wilderlands. Here is part 2 which goes into the background.

I love history, I read history book constantly as a form of relaxation. The biggest thing I take way from reading out it is how layered the history of any one region is. Take South England for example. You have a Stone Age Henge Culture, The Celts, the Roman, Romano-British, The Saxons ,Jutes, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, and the English. In my mind's eye I view history as wave washing over the beach adding another layout of silt and sand. This is the approach I take with the Majestic Wilderlands.

The major threads of the Majestic Wilderland's history are

The migrations of the demi-humans out of the northwest after the fall of the Founder's Empire
The rise, spread, and fall of the Ghinorian nation of humans.
The rise, and fall of the Viridians of Virdistans.

These cultures are important because they are Universal Cultures. Cultures that managed to spread beyond a single race or ethnic group and have their values embraced by many other cultures. Some doing so second or third hand.

The Demi-Human were led by the Elves and their culture originated in the God's attempt to heal the Wilderlands after the Demon Wars far in the pasts. Because of Elven immorality their culture has had a continous continutity stretching back 10,000 years. Over the centuries several human tribes were heavily influenced by the Demi-humans and are consider part of the general culture.

The Viridians are a half demon half mortal race (originally a demon-mermen fusion) that were able to escape from the Abyss. They founded Viridstan over 4000 years ago and became overlords of the goblin tribes that lived in the region. They fought a long series of wars with the Demi-Humans of the NW Wilderlands. This resulted in several collapses with a First, Second, and finally a Third Empire. By the time of the Third Empire, Virdistan was human dominated with a strong goblin minority. The Viridians, through infighting, have dwindled to only a handful of individuals and are in danger of dying out.

The Ghinorian are a human culture originating in the far southeast of the Wilderlands. After the Demon War the god withdrew from direct involvement with the Wilderlands. Instead operating through miracles and faith. One of the things they were permitted to do was "adopt" a people and act as their patron.

Mitra adopted the Ghinorians and she became their patron goddess. (and yes Mitra was female in my game). They acknowledged the existance of other gods but consider Mitra the only god worthy of worship. Through a combination of circumstance the Ghinorians exploded outwards into the Wilderlands. They formed the largest empire ever since and estabilshed colonies including several in the the main campaign region. Their empire did splinter and collapse but their legacy continues in dozens of successor realsm that sprung up in their wake. Worship of Mitra continues to be a defining characteristic of the successor states.

Continued in Part 3.

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Scott said...

Seeing your Majestic Wilderlands campaign page was one of the major catalysts for my own Wilderlands/homebrew campaign, and I'll happily read anything you want to post about its development.