Friday, August 5, 2011

Mapping the Starter Adventures

Been working on one of the maps for Tim of Gothridge Manor Starter Adventure. Had to figure out how to do scorch marks with a greyscale map. I think the end result will look good.

Figure do a full screen shot of my two monitor setup to show what it looks like. The right side is a monitor mounted in landscape. I like doing that as I can have an entire page up when I am writing. The mapping program is CorelDRAW. Underneath is all my images from Profantasy Campaign Cartographer. While I don't use Campaign Cartographer much for my professional work I do use the images.

Overlaying the images are all my CorelDraw dockers including my all important symbol palette of dungeon details.
I really recommend a two monitor setup for serious work. Triple is even better if you can afford it and have the space.


Gothridge Manor said...

First I've seen this map and it looks great. A lot of fine detail work. Excellent. And those scorch marks look spot on.

Robert Conley said...

I got done with everything but the interior details just before my July 4th vacation and seeing your bulletin board with none of the maps checked made realize I forgot to finish it.

Jon Hendry said...

If you have an iPad, you can use that as a second (or third, etc) wireless display using the DisplayLink iPad Display app, or similar.

I haven't used it, but I've used their drivers for their USB display adapter technology, which works almost okay on OS X but is supposed to be much better on Windows. (Better acceleration support, etc).

I *have* used a similar bit of software on OS X that turns an iPad into an extra, wireless display, and it works surprisingly well.

Anonymous said...