Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Last 48 hours of How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox Kickstarter.

We are in the last 48 hours of my Kickstarter for the book about How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox. The level of support far exceeded what I expected from my Basic Rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG Kickstarter. I am humbled and appreciative of the support that has been shown. 

There is still time to sign up just click on the link below. The beta PDFs of both How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox and the Isle of Pyade are available to backers. 

How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox Kickstarter

Because of the level of funding, I was able to upgrade my art budget and commission some pieces from Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Game. 

The Black Queen rules from her throne in the Fortress of the Lich Lord

Prince Ormus of Aventis searches for arcane lore 

The Rot Lord creates another undead servitor in the Sable Port

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