Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Blackmarsh in print again.

The print version of Blackmarsh is now available again both in softcover and hardcover feature cover art by Richard Luschek. Many of you will know him from his work on various Harn products available from Columbia Games. The books are using the new digest size layout.

The full map of Blackmarsh is still inside the book and the book fold has been taken into account for its presentation. 

Softcover Digest edition - $6.99

Hardcover Digest edition - $11.99

Again appreciate the support of all of you have given me over the years and the kind words in your reviews.


Dick McGee said...

That note about the hardcover version's annotation pages is quite helpful. Wish more publishers did that sort of thing.

Christian said...

I just read through this. And congrats! Great ressource.

Made a mini-review on FB: https://www.facebook.com/aage.bohr/

Happy new year. Keep up the good work

Christian Toft Madsen / Aage Bohr (FB)

Robert Conley said...

Thanks and looking forward to seeing the review!