Friday, August 5, 2022

Old School Solo Adventures for Old School Essentials

 The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson Games has a long tradition of offering solo adventures like Death Test. When Douglas Cole of Gaming Ballistic secured a 3PP license for TFT he and his authors continued that tradition with their own series of adventures.

Now he and his team of authors did the work into making these adventures compatible with Old School Essentials. Given that OSE is a hop and skip from a dozen other classic editions and close clones these adventures can be used by a wide variety of OSR systems. 

He has started a Kickstarter to fund the printing and final work on these adventures.

Old-School Solo Adventures

I was given Til Death do Us Part to try and I found it fun and interesting to play out. Its replayability is good as there are multiple paths with multiple outcomes to explore. I think leveraging the TFT community's experience with solo adventures  is a great idea and will create a fun niche for classic edition hobbyists to play with between sessions and campaigns.


Dick McGee said...

That should be a pretty easy conversion. Both rule sets have pretty light monster stat blocks. Magic is probably the most complicated element to carry over between the two.

Robert Conley said...

There are other tweaks like using a square grid for any encounter maps. From what I can tell they did a through review from front to back to make sure it is a classic edition product.

Stephen Wendell said...

I'm glad to see solo getting some love!

Douglas Cole said...

Yah, we went through and made sure all the mechanical aspects we could find were based on the OSE rules if we could, or principles if we couldn't. TFT has a reasonably robust "Talents" selection which modify probabilities of success for those that have them; OSE pretty much doesn't, so we had to invoke attribute rolls, etc. A lot of "well, in TFT you resolve surprise like this; in OSE it's a die roll of 1-2 on 1d6."

Bromos Sunstar said...

This will be awesome I can play group and solo with a similar rules set!

Narmer said...

I'm a TFT player and love B/X too. So I'm thrilled about this.