Monday, February 3, 2020

Hunters in Death, an old school hex crawl.

Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor and I have been gaming together since high school along with our friend Dwayne Gillingham. Over the years through our respective campaigns we came up with a lot of ideas.

Print on Demand and the Internet made it possible for each of us to share some of what we created. Now Tim is the first to take a stab at kickstarter by offering Hunters in Death, an old school hex crawl. It part of Kickstarter's zine quest 2 encouraging and promoting various zine authors.

Here is a summary of what it is about.
Hunters in Death is set in the Komor Forest. A place that's consumed civilizations and birthed abominations. Yet there is a single outpost, Hounds Head, that holds back the darkness. It's a beacon for adventurers. Silver and blood are promised. And delivered. Some adventurers return with sacks overflowing with coins and jewels, but most fertilize the forest with their blood.
I have adventured in the Komor Forest and it is an interesting place to explore. The zine itself is a good deal at $4 for the PDF and $8 for print + pdf. It funded in the first day so it will be seeing the light of day. Hope you check it out.


Melan said...

Ha! I already backed the campaign, but didn't know you and Tim have known each other for such a long time. It is a small world.

Gothridge Manor said...

Thanks for sharing this Rob.