Monday, February 24, 2020

Concerning Bat in the Attic Games

I want to thank everybody for their support and appreciate the solidarity that was shown. It wasn't 100% but it was very high. Keep that in mind as we move on and the debates begin.

Moving on is what this post is about. What I will be doing with Bat in the Attic Games.

The Royalty Waiver
Mr. Bledsaw granted me a royalty waiver in March of 2018 and it applies to royalties beginning on July 1st 2017. I ran the numbers and it looks like I am 66% towards reaching the cap. I don't feel comfortable with providing the numbers due to wording of my license agreement. However what owed to me was computed on the basis of what I was paid for the first nine maps plus a fee for the CSIO map. I owe Judges Guild a royalty report in April.

I already modified and took down the items on my Lulu store. It been nine months since I sold a copy of anything on Lulu. However all Bat in the Attic products are still available on DriveThruRPG.

The Product Line
I sell twelve products and eleven of them have Judges Guild IP. The two Majestic Wilderlands related products can be replaced with works without Judges Guild IP. However the other nine are Wilderlands of High Fantasy related, they will eventually be delisted and the files turned over to Judges Guild per my license agreement. This leaves just Blackmarsh after everything is delisted.

The Immediate Future

The Wild North
First I will finish the Wild North. I am aiming for a spring release. Luckily this was my next project. This setting is to the north of Blackmarsh and it is loosely based on Russian and Slavic folklore. Much like how the core rules of classic D&D are based on a fantasy medieval Europe.

This was originally released as Map 19 in Fight On #3, however two years ago I decided to revamp it to fit the loose setting behind Blackmarsh and the two Points of Light books. This involved redrawing the southern edge of the map to fit Blackmarsh and write new material to bring it up to the standards of Blackmarsh. The map will be four times the size of Blackmarsh.

The first draft is finished. I am in the midst of drawing the color version of the map along with various smaller maps that are needed.

Scourge of the Demon Wolf
The Scourge of the Demon Wolf will be revamped to fit the loose setting behind Blackmarsh and the two Points of Light books. This means changing a couple of references and replacing the Barony of Westtower mini-setting in the supplement half.

Deceits of the Russet Lord.
The draft adventure that is furthest along is Deceits of the Russet Lord. It involves star crossed lovers, corrupt monks, rebellious peasants, tyrannical lords, orcs, and the Russet Lord, the faerie lord that behind it all.

The Long Term

The Majestic Fantasy Realms
This will replace the Wilderlands of High Fantasy books in my product lines. It will likely be based on the loose setting behind Blackmarsh. It will definitely take advantage of DriveThruRPG ability to print 18" by 12" posters for the maps. Other than that I am still feeling my way through how to best approach this.

The Majestic Fantasy RPG
The Majestic Wilderlands supplement in 2009 was just the beginning of my work with Swords and Wizardry. In the ten+ years since I have run several campaigns and expanded the rules beyond what in the supplement.

My challenge is twofold. First I strongly believe that Swords and Wizardry by Frog God Games is an excellent system for many. I want to supplement Swords and Wizardry not replace it. Second there are many other fine OSR rule systems out there as well. As result most OSR referees I know often kit bash the rules they use for their campaign. Taking most from a single system but the rest from different sources.

As a result my goal for the Majestic Fantasy RPG is to make it easy for people to use sections of the Majestic Fantasy RPG in their campaigns, whether it is Swords and Wizardry or another system. But also still function as a system in its own right. I am still working on what form this will take.

I do know at some point I will need an overview to summarize how it all hangs together. Hence my release, for free, of the Basic Rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG.

The Majestic Stars
I am  bound and determined to improve at writing science fiction adventures. Once I figure it out I plan to release the results as the Majestic Stars.

5th edition 
When reviewing my work folder I found I had quite a bit of 5th edition material. It not organized into a coherent whole like the Majestic Wilderlands supplement was. But it looks there is enough for a small number of zine type supplements. Basically bits and pieces I created for the two 5e campaigns I ran along with playing around with the system.

Wrapping it up
Again I appreciate the support that was shown. I will be keeping everybody updated on my progress. I also would like to thank Goodman Games and Frog God Games for their support.


Tom Cleaveland said...

I received print copies of the revised Wilderlands guidebooks and maps yesterday. They're great work, Rob, and indicate to me just how poorly managed the CSIO kickstarter has been (imo there is no reason that the book couldn't have been released in PDF form by now).

This must be a tough time for you. I hope it helps to know that I think you're doing the right thing for the right reasons, and that I look forward to your upcoming work.

Brian I said...

I look forward to seeing more of your work, Rob, and thank you. I'm a big fan of Blackmarsh.

HDA said...

I'm glad your material is still available Rob. I will definitely be picking up your Wilderlands stuff for my home game!

Peter Fröhlich said...

Love Blackmarsh and cannot wait for the revised Wild North to be released. Heck, that's what made me buy Fight On! in the first place! I also very much support the idea of building a larger (but maybe not too large?) world around those settings.

FritsK said...

I hope you're able to finish the Wild North. Even with the JG unhappiness I like your work and would like to see it finished.