Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Some days this hobby of ours makes one go WOW!

So Douglas Waltman has been busy lately.

I am just simply amazed. Douglas talks about wanting to bring it to GaryCon in this facebook post.
B1 Search for the Unknown has been one of my favorite modules for years. I first encountered it when I got the Holmes DnD boxed set in late 1977. 

The best part of was the dungeon layout with a constructed complex above and caverns below. It has a lot little touches I liked; the fact the upper level felt like something two high level adventurers (Roghan and Zelligar) would make. That the bottom cave level had a back exit that opened to a cliff ledge. The long opening corridor with the magic mouths. And of course the cat in the jar, the room of Pools and the mushroom room.

For more B1 (and B2) goodness there is Goodman Games' Into the Borderlands

Way go to Douglas! Your work is simply amazing.

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