Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Print option for the City State of the Invincible Overlord, Color Map now available.

When I uploaded this project to RPGNow I thought that the 18" by 12" small poster map was going to be discontinued because it was listed as being on standard paper.

From talking with my OBS rep that turned out to be not true. So I created a print version, uploaded it, and ordered a proof copy. As you can see it looks pretty good.

If you already bought the PDF I sent a email with a discount code to buy it at a low cost. I took the base price and added $1 so it will count as a sale for the site rankings.

City State of the Invincible Overlord, Color Map

If you haven't bought the map yet, the price for Print plus PDFs is $10. The price for print is raised by $2 to cover the cost that OBS charges me for the map. The print version comes with five poster maps.

  • Four full scale maps of each quarter of the city. There is considerable overlap between the different section.
  • One with the entire map resized to fit the 12" by 18" dimensions of the small poster.
The one downside of the poster maps is that they come folded in half leaving a crease. I already put in the suggestion that they have a tube option for uncreased maps. 


Simon said...

This is awesome Rob, but only printable in USA currently; the £11 UPS shipping and 3-7 weeks (plus risk of import taxes) to UK is a bit rich for me. Can you try to get them to print in Europe too?

Robert Conley said...

Will do, and also open to other suggestion.

Simon said...

Brilliant, thanks! :)

James Mishler said...

Ordered! Got a nice big space on my wall for it, too!

knobgobbler said...

I've got the original CSotIO book... but not the maps. Would this fill in that void for me? Are they as big as the originals (been years since I've seen them)?

Robert Conley said...

Yes this will fill in the void. I replicated all of the original detail.

RPGNow onley has 12" by 18" posters. So what I had to do was take the original size and turn it into four posters each printed at the original scale. There is considerable overlap so there should be,any issue flipping from one to the other. There also the entire map printed at 12" by 18". So you get five posters.

Makes you select the PDFs as a zero cost add on. That way if you have access to a print shop with a large format printer you get printed out at full size.

HRBennett87 said...

Very nice map. I really need to do some specialized ones for my games. I've been using randomized designs but I have a few specific cities that definitely don't fit the bill.