Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dungeons Fantasy RPG for GURPS has arrived at the Attic!

As long time readers of this blog know I been a fan of GURPS for thirty years. Believe it or not there was a time when GURPS was the fourth or fifth most popular RPG on the market back in 2004.

The Dungeon Fantasy RPG is designed to make it easy for people to get into playing and using GURPS for their campaigns. It does this by being presented as a traditional fantasy RPG. It tells you how to make characters, how to handle encounters and combat, gives you spells, monsters, and treasures to use. Plus there is an adventure included called I Smell a Rat!

It not a new edition of GURPS. Everything here works with the core books as is. But gone are things not relevant to the Dungeon Fantasy genre. Added are things that are useful for fantasy campaigns with GURPS.

So what do you get?

 I pledged at the $250 so got everything that the kickstarter had to offer.

Here is the box with my battered copy of the Basic Set - Characters book beside it.

Opening the box this is what I see.

So I have the DF RPG Boxed Set, GM Screen, How to Be a GURPS GM, Dungeon Fantasy Companion, a hardback of GURPS Zombies (which I already have). black cardboard hero bases, colored cardboard hero bases, and six dice with a pyramid symbol in place of the one. I agree with Peter that having dice with symbols does nothing for me.

OK opening up the box I see some full scale maps (1" = 1 yard = 1 hex), cardboard heroes, and the DF RPG books! Note that little under half of the Cardboard Heroes are PCs and the monsters are biased to the ones that appear in the included adventure.

So I pull out the five books, a set of three dice with pyramid logo, and twelve more bases.

All and all a pretty good haul for my money. I will be posting a review of the content.


Brian I said...

Sweet. Mine arrives in a couple days, and I'm "only" getting the core set and screen. That Companion looks nice ...

Axel Castilla said...

A nitpick: what you show here isn't all the stuff included for $250, which is also a Pyramid subscription, all related articles in a compilation and perhaps the entire GURPS Dungeon Fantasy existing sourcebooks in PDF, among other things (I'm saying it by memory).

Brian I said...

One of the local stores backed at a Retail level, so I was able to score that Companion, plus some extra dice, just as my box arrived. Very sweet contents - hell of a value in that set.