Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Potions and Elixirs for Swords & Wizardry

Potions has always been part of fantasy roleplaying since the release of the original roleplaying game in 1974. Not as common are the use of elixirs which traditionally are prepared from herbs not made by magic. Of course in fantasy campaigns, they may have their own type of magic infused into the brew.

As part of the work I am doing on my Majestic Fantasy RPG, I not only wrote up how I used potions in my campaigns but also included a list of elixirs as well. I was originally inspired by the excellent list of herbs that Harn had as well various herb lists found in GURPS supplements like the old Witch World. Over the years I developed my own set of elixirs for my players to use including the dreaded White Nightshade.

While I am late for Swords and Wizardry appreciation day, I hope this more than makes up for it. Enjoy!

Majestic Fantasy RPG: Potions and Elixirs.

Alternate Download Link

If you like the pictures in the pdf and on this post they are made by The Forge Studio who produces an excellent series of stock art for publishers to use.

Note: I refer to advantage and disadvantage a concept I use from the 5e SRD. Substitute +2 for advantage and -2 for disadvantage if you don't use that rule in your campaign.


Matthew Schmeer said...

Looks like http://www.batintheattic.com/ is down right now. I keep getting a DNS error, and http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ reports it as being down, too.

Robert Conley said...

I connect to it fine, weird. Thanks for the tip. There is an alternate link until it gets cleared up.

sevenbastard said...

Chivalry and Sorcery 3e has a good list of real world plants and their mystical effects.

Edgewise said...

Great stuff, Rob. Every decent fantasy campaign can benefit from a list like this.