Sunday, May 29, 2016

Majestic Stars Campaign Progress

With my friend Dwayne Fantasy Age campaign ended, I am up next. After talking with everybody, I am going to run my first Majestic Campaign. I will be using a heavily modified variant of Fantasy/Dragon Age as everybody in the Monday night group really likes that system. Luckily the AGE system is flexible enough that it can still be AGE but only a hop and a skip to converting everything I am writing into White Star or similar system.

I like to design some graphics to help me get into the mode. I started out with this.

But everybody though it was too busy. So after it hashing it out, I came up with this.

Because this is the first campaign I booted up from scratch in ages. We also decided to focus on a space station. I been working on this setting for a long time but the time, rules, and inspiration never seem to quite jell compared to the other campaign I ran including the Third Imperium of Traveller. But having just got done watching the Expanse, the enthusiasm behind White Star, and Stars without Number, and the simplicity of the AGE system, it is all coming together.

The campaign is going to be centered around the Artemis Space station on the fringe of human space. it is a trade hub and diplomatic station with the Commonwealth, a recently contacted interstellar civilization of sentient dinosaurs. Rumors are getting around, that the Commonwealth are in reality refugees and dissident who have fled a vast and ancient empire of their own kind. An empire with technology and wealth centuries ahead of humanity.

However there is no grand federation united all of humanity. Humankind is still very much divided into nations. The great powers of the 21st century have their 25th century descendants, who stand alongside a thousand words founded by every group imaginable from Earth.  Some are colonies of the great powers, while others fiercely guard their independence. The only group that everybody recognizes are the Astroguard, a multi-national force dedicated to search and rescue as well as keeping the interstellar spacelanes safe.

When first contact was made with the Commonwealth, ten years ago, the Selene Republic was in the fortunate position of sitting astride the only path of stars leading to the Saurians. With aid from the Astroguard and the major powers, they constructed the Artemis Station to serve as a commercial hub between Humanity and the Saurians. It was constructed as a Bernal Sphere capable of housing 25,000 people. The station logistics was turned over the Astroguard, while the day to day governing was handled by by a Selene governor, his magistrates along with law enforcement hired by the republic. The Selene governor works with the Astroguard commander and an advisory council of  human ambassadors to handle relations with Commonwealth and the Saurians. Now two years in operation, station has become a gold rush town.

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