Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another Harn Day

It is another Harn Day from Columbia Games!

This time up we have more Orbaal stuff, the home of the Vikings on the island of Harn.

We have map square H1 & J1 mapped out which covers the area the two castles are located in. They are mostly coastline as Columbia games usually only does one of these per HarnQuest release. The original map of Harn was divided into a number of squares that followed the hex grid pattern. Think Traveller subsectors vs. the entire sector. In recent years Columbia Games and Kelestia have decided the best way to do local regions was to map it square by square. Eventually all the squares will be detailed showing where every manor, mine, castle, keep, and points of interest is on Harn.

This time they decided to release a revised and expanded updates of two Orbaal Castles Pled & Sherwyn. While every Harn is unique because of its local circumstances these two are closer than most as they are both Viking settlement with a lord who is noted for being cruel, a brute, and a thug. However both have a lot of unique local color that make each their own place.

I recommend anything from Orbaal area of Harn to supplement the stuff you are using if you are running a Viking campaign.

This release also saw four more pages added to the Tome & Scroll article. Basically it is a series of one page articles detailing a specific book and its history. It has a lot of flavor and ideas for adventure.

With this release I released that steady drip drip of expanded reprint from Columbia Games Has nearly bumped all of the original articles from my main Harn Library. Note that unlike say the Forgotten Realms, the Harn authors and community are fanatical about keeping everything consistent. So all the details in those old articles are in the new articles as well.

Because of this, I decided to give all my old articles to +Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor. He has a handful of article that he gotten on his own or from me. But now it time for his big Harn Day!.

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