Monday, March 31, 2014

Thoughts on David Trampier

I heard this weekend that David Trampier passed away. For me he was one of my favorite artists. I especially liked the illustration on page 109 showing adventurers successfully leaving the dungeon. It is striking how he economized the actual drawing yet perfectly conveys what it was about. I tried to emulate that style for the ads for my various projects.

One of Trampier more popular illustration is the Ride of Emirikol the Chaotic.

So in his memory here are some links to old post with some interesting facts about that picture.

Imagining DnD for myself.
More on Emirikol's the Chaotic Ride.


Gothridge Manor said...

He was my favorite by far. I'm not sure I ever met a DAT drawing I didn't like.

Brian Lujan said...

Trampier was one of my favorite old-school D&D artists. He helped shape how I saw the game and gaming.