Monday, March 24, 2014

City State Kickstarter

Judges Guild has announced a kickstarter to re-release the original City-State of the Invincible Overlord and the campaign maps.

The campaigns are going to be double sided with one side an artistic presentation by Chirstiana and a cartographic presentation by me on the other. Below is a working sample of the style I am using.

Some things to look forward to on the cartography.
  • The original had some issues when they were joined. We identified the issues and worked with the Bledsaws coming up with solutions. The idea is that the future work on the Wilderlands will be based on these maps.
  • I am carefully layering the maps so that Judges Guild can use the file for digital products.
  • I am mapping the entire Wilderlands in one file. This means producing combined maps of the entire Wilderlands or sections is very easy. The downside is that go through the layers rather than the maps. I started with all the coasts, then all the mountains, then the hills, then the rivers, and so on. For example below is just the coastlines and shaded mountain ranges.

Hope this gets funded with all 18 maps in print.


Peter Fröhlich said...

Sounds awesome and I like the idea that there will be two presentations of the maps. I do, however, feel a little queasy about using color so much. It looks like the only thing that makes a swamp is a green blob, so a B/W version of your new maps will be hard to interpret accurately. Also I wonder if the complete map will ever be released to the public or if it will be exclusive to JG and used for their future projects while handing out the "split up" maps to the public as before?

Peter Fröhlich said...
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Terga said...

Rob, will there be a legend some where listing what the different colors and textures indicate terrain wise?

Rob L said...

This is the best D&D news I've seen in a long time! So very psyched!