Saturday, August 31, 2013

So you want to be an Earth monk in GURPS

A friend of mine is starting his first GURPS Fantasy campaign (150 pt characters 35 disads 5 quirks). One of his friends wants to be a monk character like from Avatar the anime cartoon. This monk has powers relating to his connection to the earth. Being new to GURPS my friend asked me for help. The players wants, martial arts, a foot stomp, stone armor, and the ability to damage with stones.

So I made a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monk characters. Cut out all the chi powers except for Chi Talent, and reduced his stats to ST 10, DX 14, IQ 10, HT 11. The character still has some of the cinematic martial arts skill effected by Chi like Power Blow, Immovable stance, etc.

In place of chi powers I made the following. Modified from templates I found in the GURPS Advantage PDF that was created on SJ Games GURPS forum.

I added the Power Modification:Chi from Dungeon Fantasy I to all these powers.

For all this I noted how many character points per dice or point the player needs to spend to boost them with XP.

Stomp Shockwave (10pts)
You do an all-out attack to stomp on the ground. When your chi connects to the earth a powerful shock emanates from your feet, knocking every  person within 2 yards back. Doesn't do any other damage.

Crushing Attack 5d (2pts per d6)
Emanation -20%, Area Effect 2 yards +50%, Environ: Not against airborne target -20%, No Wounding -50%; Double Knockback +20%, All-Out -25%; NE: Leaves small craters on the ground -5%; Chi Talent -10%. (-60%)

Note: I replaced the original Explosion Enhancement with a 2 yd Area of Effect to keep the adjudication simple for my friend.

Stone Fists (5 points)
You can connect your chi to the earth to transform your hands into fist of stones. There is a price in that you lose the ability to manipulated find objects (gain Ham-Fisted disad) but you now can parry weapons or be parried by weapons without taking damage yourself.

Stretching I 5 pts
Force Extension +50%, Temp Disad. Short Arms, -0%, Temp Disad: Ham Fisted -10%, Takes Extra Time 4 seconds -30%, Chi Talent -10%. Total +0%

Note: Pretty much as is from GURPS Advantages except that the use of Chi Limitation means only 4 seconds instead of 8 seconds is needed.

Stone Throwing (12 points)
You draw on your chi to connect to the stones of the earth to form into a large mass to throw at your enemies! It takes one second to gather enough stones together to throw the next turn. Requires the Throwing skill to use properly. It is considered a Chi Talent

Crushing Attack 3d. 1/2D 50, Max 200, Acc 1, requires 1 turn to ready. (5 pts per d6 crushing)
Extra Time -10%, Increased Max, x2 +5%, Increased 1/2D x5 +10%, Inaccurate, Acc 1 -10%, Minimum Range 1/20 Max Range -10%, Power Modifier Chi -10% Total -25%

Stone Skin (13 pts)
Connecting your Chi to the earth draws up dozens of small pebbles and stones to form a second stony armorlike skin around your body. However it is only temporary and is chipped away by weapon attacks. It takes one hour to regenerate the stone skin after it is gone. It takes a ready action to activate.

Damage Resistance 5pts /lvl (1pt lvl) DR 8 (8 pts)
Ablative -80%; Flexible -20%; Force Field +20%; Total -80%

Regeneration: Fast 50 pts (5 points) (1 DR per minute)
DR Only -40%; Preparation: 1 hour -50%; Total -90%

Note: This was taken from one of the science fiction oriented portable shield generators. Instead of a "capacitor" it now requires one hour of "Meditation" and then a number of minutes equal the max DR to regenerate. I suspect at 1 pt per DR the player is going to be putting points into this.


Rachel Ghoul said...

Psst-- Rob-- Avatar isn't an Anime. (It is, however, awesome.)

faoladh said...

Rachel: That is a matter of some considerable debate. If one decides that "anime" refers only to products produced in Japan (or, in some variations, Korea), then obviously it is not. However, if one defines "anime" by its stylistic and thematic elements, then it could very well be considered such (and there are other series that fall into this debate, such as Korra or even Powerpuff Girls or The Clone Wars).

Either way, it hardly matters (except to purists and obsessive fans), and everyone knows what Rob meant by that.

Dan said...

Check out this thread for lots of great Gurps Avatar stuff: