Saturday, March 30, 2013

Once more into the Kickstarter Breach, Dwarven Forge

Well I was lured by the siren call of yet another Kickstarter this time one for Dwarven Forge. Costs are going up on the material they use for their dungeon sets and they found a new material that not only cheaper but more durable. They claim that it is strong enough to endure being thrown into a backpack and carried around.

I am the type of referee who likes to use miniatures and props and on occasion I like to use the one dwarven forge set I down along with the set that Dwayne of Gamers closet built. However the use of the dwarven forge set has been hampered by only having one. So looking over the Kickstarter I just couldn't resist jumping at the $120 level. For the well heeled gamers the price breaks on multiple sets get to be incredbly low at the highest level down to almost $50 a set. I recommend people club together to pool their money together. I what my friend Dan and I did for the Reaper Miniature kickstarter along with a some other folks getting for a specific piece like the giant Cthulhu miniature.


Peter D said...

Those look cool. I have a couple of their swinging doors, and I'd like a few more. Oh, and a portcullis that broke immediately. :(

I hope they get solidly going on these and then I can buy some doors from someone eBay store or from my local shop.

Robert Conley said...

@Peter funny thing you should mention doors as that the on part of my dwarven forge set that I threw into my regular props tray and the one thing I wished to have a dozen or so of. Even with dry erase it is so much easier to use door props than draw them.

I even resorted to making some of my own from my hirst arts molded.

Unknown said...

Dwarven Forge is great and yeah you need lots of sets. Like the more the merrier! We have been using them for about 10 years now. Have plently of what they are selling at the KS though.

Peter D said...

The doors are the best. Walls, yeah, if you're into building the whole room that works. But I never have enough stuff. So I use Legos for the walls and Dwarven Forge doors. And Mage Knight props.

Unknown said...

As we have 3 Room Sets, 2 Deluxe Sets, a Basic Room Set, 2 Advanced Builder Sets, 2 Wicked Edition I's and a Wicked Edition 2 along with an Advanced Builder 2 set we can build lots of rooms.
For Caverns we have 3 Cavern Sets, a Cavernous Passage Set, 2 River and Wall Sets, Lake Set, Lake Expansion Set and lots of extra pieces.
This is to say nothing of 3 Narrow Passage Sets, a Room and Passage, Ruins Set, Catacombs Set and both Traps Sets. I am sure I am forgetting quite a few.
Yeah, we can build a dungeon that could fill quite a large hall!