Friday, March 29, 2013

Dwimmermount News and open gaming

Tenkar has the latest details here. I am involved in a peripheral way drawing up a map of Muntberg and adapting my take on the old Outdoor Survival Map to the details of James campaign. Tavis was in contact with me and the other Dwimmermount artists when he was trying to handle James silence.

During this I was one of the persons who suggested that the original draft of Dwimmermount be made open content in the same way that Blackmarsh is.  While the project was stalled people been crafting their own version and that got me to think why not just give formal permission in the form of an open license.

One of the main reasons that I opened Blackmarsh was to serve as an easily accessible and modifiable example of a hexcrawl formatted setting. An open Dwimmermount can do the same for Megadungeons. The fact that James grounded Dwimmermount tightly to the roots of D&D and classic fantasy makes it  ideal for this.

While Blackmarsh was used as the foundation of Hexmoor and a setting for Heroes and other worlds,  what I encounter the most is people cherry picking selected elements for their own campaign. I think that how people will use an open Dwimmermount.

So I am glad this is getting resolved and looking forward to what Tavis and the Autarch team come up with.


C.T. said...

This is great news! I only wish other RPG IP owners would do this with their game systems.
Imagine the wonderful things we would all get to see.

Chris C. said...

I think the idea of an Open Dwimmermount is probably the best idea possible at this point. I'm glad you helped make that happen.

Tavis said...

Sorry I forgot to credit you for this great idea in the last update! I'll be sure to do so in the next one.

Robert Conley said...

@Tavis thanks. I am impressed with how you used the idea to give James the opportunity for a Director's cut. While I am not too happy with James, I am glad that a way was found for him to get his version out for when he choose to put the time and org in.