Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enjoying D&D

Several things help me enjoy D&D more this round than back in the 80s.

Getting the idea that running older D&D is more about making rulings than looking up rules.

Having a over a decade of reenactment and boffer live-action rpg experience which helps me describe and referee combat better which is important considering how abstract D&D combat is.

I simply improved as a referee and know more stuff to make interesting and memorable encounters. Because of the nature of the D&D  rules, I do more of my thinking is on the details of the encounter rather than looking stuff up.

The wealth of material to draw on when I am pressed for time is staggering.

Having my house rules in a printed form, the Majestic Wilderlands, has been really helpful. Even you don't want to be a publisher I recommend using Lulu to print up your own collection. Or if you don't have a lot, use the local copy store to make a bound copy.


Scott said...

I've been using my printer and the Ring Binding that staples has to do my houserules and notes as I play. It's worked out really well for me because I can do my prototypes really rapidly and keep them updated as I go. If I make a ruling or change my mind I can just reprint that section instead of the whole thing.

Unknown said...

I also keep a binder of house rules. I find it invaluable as it can alleviate any, "Well you did it differently last time!" arguments.

Gene Sollows said...

Reasonable players just expect consistency, and a reason for changing things. No question organization helps us old fogies keep things straight.