Friday, October 14, 2011

Qanat Irrigation

Jeff posted a cool picture of a water structure here. It from a site called Subterranean Design and while poking around I found this post about Qanat Irrigation. What struck me is the extensive size of the underground network and the possibilities for adventure.


BlUsKrEEm said...

I was endlessly fascinated by irritation techniques while getting my BS in hydrology. Qanats have to be one of the coolest technologies man kind has developed. The age of the things are simply amazing. There are qanats still in use today that were built thousands of years ago that provide water and cooling for tens of thousands of people. It's just staggering.

I've wanted to run a Mutant Future Campaign with a tent-pole qanat for some time now. Holding off raiders on the surface; clearing out Morlock interceptors underground; finding skilled workers to maintain ancient passages; it's to cool a concept to not run a campaign.

satyre said...

This is a terrific concept for those advanced civilisation ruins though I keep getting this when I think about it...

"So apart from ventilation, water supply, irrigating our land and access tunnels, what have the dwarves ever done for us?"

Definitely in the Commonplace Book.