Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ready for the DCC RPG

I went up to Book Galore for Free RPG Day. Along the way I stopped at Gold Star Anime and picked up a set of Zocchi dice. At Books Galore I bought this month's Knights of the Dinner Table and a d30. Fortunately I avoided Tim's experience. Kelly Anne bought a bunch of new d20 and d12s for her hairstick projects. Including some interesting mini dice.

So now I am set with my Zocchi dice and don't have to complain anymore.

For Free RPG Day I picked the DCC RPG Adventure Starter which I surprisingly liked a lot. Usually intro adventures are OK but not only did Goodman Games give a intro adventures they squeezed a second on in for 5th level characters. So you get to try out the full level range. The adventure themselves are very evocative. I see the authors been reading their National Geographic as I recognized one room from a particularly memorable issue about ancient China.

The other one I picked was the Pathfinder Adventure "We be Goblins". Basically you play a bunch of goblins off on an adventures. It looks fun and may use it for a one shot.

Plus I got a rock making kit for Father's Day, when we were at A.C. Moore, a craft store. This has a mold for 8 rocks that you cast using casting plaster. I managed to make a batch tonight and it wasn't too hard. Need to thin out the mixture as I had some bubbles appear in the several pieces. Also found the perfect shade of green for orc skin so I don't have to mix it up anymore to finish the remainder of my orcs.

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Gothridge Manor said...

For the weird dice I am waiting to get mine next weekend from the weird Game Science guy. I need dice that I can impale annoying little gaming clerks upon. The police will never suspect anything.