Friday, June 17, 2011

Delving into the Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG, Part III

Onto the Character Class in the Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG

The classes parallel the four basic classes of Dungeons & Dragons but there are important differences.

Like the D&D version, the Cleric is the second best fighter in the game. Also greater emphasis is placed on the cleric being a follower of his deity. Several of the mechanics reflect this. We also learn a little more of the cosmology behind the DCC RPG. The influence of Michael Moorcock can be seen in the big role that Law and Chaos plays.

Cleric basically start off by knowing a limited amount of spells (four for first level). The first spell of the day is cast at no penalty but successive spell casting carries a penalty. This penalty can be reset the next day or by performing the correct sacrifice for his deity. In addition if the cleric rules a natural 1 then he ticked off his deity and must roll on the Disapproval Table. Results range from the penalty reset being delayed a day, the cleric unable to turn for a few days, or endure a test of faith.

The different alignments turn different types of creatures, Lawful Clerics can turn undead an demons, Chaotic clerics can turn angels, etc.

The healing ability of clerics is made an ability in it's own right. However the amount of hit points healed is effected by cross indexing the cleric's and recipient's alignment. Some will view this as an unessecary complication. Using successive Lay on Hand incurs a -1 penalty to the next check.

Clerics can also call on their diety for divine aid. This is basically a set of guidlines for allowing anything can go divine intervention. The major limitation of using this is that -10 is added to spell check penalty afterwards so you better make your request a good one.

Next is a listing of the dieties of the DCCRPG. For the most part they fit the Swords and Sorcery feel of the game quite well. Also in the list is Lovecraft's Cthulu. Many people will wonder why Cthulu is listed as a neutral god. The basic reason is that Cthulu is neither lawful or chaotic, he just doesn't care about such issues, in fact is indifferent to the whole situation or the dealing of the mortal races.

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