Saturday, February 19, 2011

One DM puts up his entire folder

David McLouth scanned the contents of his folder of vintage dungeon maps and keys and posted it online.

The post annoucing it is here.

The scans can be seen here.

Definitely a minimal dungeon here with much of the details in David's head. The main thing I would have done different is put room titles on each entry as an aide to the details of the rooms.

I haven't read through the entire dungeon but there some interesting things in there starting with the orgy room on Level 1. That something would not have seen in a TSR module.

Thanks David for posting this.


Dyson Logos said...

These /have/ been up for some time, right? I could swear I read them all a couple of years ago, and the maps look very very familiar.

Zak Sabbath said...

DM084DungeonKeyD1L1_C ---FF. #5 Looks like some railroading to me.