Friday, July 17, 2009

You can't have too many Travellers

The many editions of Traveller. Interestingly I don't own a complete set of the original 3 books. Also I don't have the Hero System version of Traveller. I do have Traveller 5 but forgot to put the CD Case in the photo.

My preferences are
  1. GURPS Traveller
  2. Traveller Book (Classic)
  3. Mongoose Traveller
  4. Traveller D20 (great lifepath system for the D20 System
  5. MegaTraveller (love the chargen tho)
  6. Traveller New Era
  7. Traveller 5
  8. Marc Miller's Traveller.

Traveller Hero I suspect would go just above Traveller D20. I can't comment about Traveller 5 yet and it's rank is still in flux. Marc Miller's Traveller is blah. on the opposite end of the scale is Mongoose Traveller (need to quit make so many layout and editing mistakes tho). MegaTraveller has the Character Generation that works well but is mess everywhere else. Traveller New Era is the D&D 4th edition of Traveller. It says it's Traveller on the cover but it is not. GURPS Traveller is #1 because I am so familar with GURPS and the sourcebooks are the best since Digest Group Publications, in some cases better. Traveller D20 has a nifty way of handling levels and lifepaths.

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Zachary Houghton said...

My Top 4:

1) Traveller Book (Classic)
2) Mongoose Traveller
3) MegaTraveller
4) Traveller D20

Not too different! I don't care for the GURPS system, but their source material is superb.