Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A different type of accessory

My wife, Kelly Anne, is a enormously creative woman. She can draw, paint, do a bit of sculpture and above all she can garden. Not only she possesses a green thumb but pours enormous creativity into the garden that surrounds our house. What once was a typical green expanse of lawn is now filled with a riot of color and sweet scents. Despite the purchase of a small greenhouse several years back; the winter months in northwest PA offer few opportunities for working with plants.

Recently Kelly Anne has decided to turn her creative mind to creating hairsticks. Not the usual ones that you can buy in any store but handcrafted with beautiful and interesting toppers. Now what makes this of interest to you is that in addition to more traditional arrangements she has a selection of hairsticks with a gaming theme.

Her store can be found here. I hope you find something that interests you or your significant other.

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