Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Revenge of the Grenadiers

Inspired by Jeff's Post here. I present

Revenge of the Grenadiers

After 30 years they said they said it could not be done. But they are back... The most awesome
dungeon crawlers in the known multiverse.

The Grenadiers

They don't have powers, and only their only feat is teamwork. Trailed by their crack team of hirelings they have vanquished all challenges and encounter groups.

Now only one foe remains between them and the legendary Oracle of Yaxag

Will they triumph or will the last stat block standing remain undefeated.

Door Shot

Angle from the Levitating Mage

View from the Corner

Rob Conley

P.S. No lead or plastic miniature were harmed during this production. Any lost heads, arms, legs, misc. appendages, bags, broken weapons, broken staves, croziers, crosses, 10 foot poles was a result of previous incursions into dungeons.

P.P.S All hirelings were duly licensed and insured per order of King-Emperor Yarg in the Common Year 582. Only two were eaten during the a production a record low. So congradulations to the Grenadiers

P.P.P.S. Sorry Jeff Minga got disintegrated a couple of decades ago.

A larger overhead shot can be viewed here and here

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