Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Map 19 the Wild North Map the way it should be

Lulu's price of $40 for poster sized maps is a bit ... expensive.

Luckily I found a cheaper alternative at cafepress. With Calithena's permission you can now order a traditional sized (20" by 16") map of the Wild North or a mega sized version (35" by 24"). Because the Wild North was produced as part of a fan license generously granted by Bob Bledsaw Jr these are offered at cost.

You can access the store from here.


leadjunkie said...

Ordered! Thanks for making this great offer available.

Akrasia said...

Another thing to buy ... :D

Justin Alexander said...

I'm curious: How do you generate the numbered hexes for your maps?

Robert Conley said...

I did it by hand and it is as tedious as it sounds. I made one column of 0000 and then copied until every column was filled. I went back and changed the text for each.

On a later map I wrote VB Macros to automate some of this but nothing that take a field of hexes and produces number.

Campaign Cartographer in contrast has a easy way of making hexes (even squares) with numbers.