Thursday, December 18, 2008

A note from Goodman Games

Joseph Goodman from Goodman Games has given me my big break with Points of Light and I really appreciate this. So when he asks for help publicizing something I am more than glad to return the favor.

I plan to pick up a couple of DCCs and notably the two biggies Castle White Rock and The Known Realms. At $5 a piece that is a good deal. Considering that most of my gaming is on-line using a virtual table top (Fantasy Grounds) I might actually get some use out of White Rock.

I am always a sucker for reading about another campaign world. It isn't enough that I am a walking encyclopedia on our own planet's history I have to thrown in two dozen more even if they are imaginary.

Last Call for 3.5!

On December 31, Goodman Games will stop selling its 3.5 products. This is
the last call.

Visit our online store to purchase what is left of our 3.5 product at 50%
off. You can find the online store at

For the rest of December, you can also visit our PDF store to purchase 3.5
PDF e-books at $2 each. Remember ­ after December 31, they¹re gone forever!
You can find the PDF store at

Last call!

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