Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rob Conley's OSR Maxims

Defining the OSR, you don't need too unless you feel need to express an opinion. Either way it OK.

Play stuff, can't find people in person or like your local gaming community, try Google Plus, Fantasy Grounds, or Roll 20. They are not computer based roleplaying games but function as super enhanced chat programs oriented toward RPGs.

Promote something you like or found useful. We can always learn something new every day.

Make stuff, more power to you if you label what you do as part of the OSR. Or don't, Either way the larger community benefits regardless of the label you place on yourself. But if you making material for a classic D&D edition, feel like it ought be for a classic D&D edition, or just old school in general don't get upset if people start talking like you are part of the OSR.

If you wanted have your stuff printed the most economical way is to do it through print on demand on Lulu RPGNow/DrivethruRPG, and other places. If everything goes right you are getting hundreds/thousands of sales then you probably need to ask around and see about getting into distributions and doing print runs.

Make sure you credit everything you use that is from somebody else and that you have the proper license to use it. Please ask folks for help if you have any questions. Be generous in your credits, For many, people using their stuff and acknowledging it is what fuels their involvement in the hobby.

Ask for help if you need it. Somebody will reply. One of the nice things I noticed about the general community. You especially need to this when you have something new to get the word out. Just remember not everybody is interested in everything. But the OSR is diverse enough that usually there is somebody out there. Most folks I know will at least point somebody in the right direction.

The above applies even if you are just doing stuff at home..Myself and everybody involved are just gamers playing games they like. Have a question? Ask it.

If you feel to need to speak up on something then do so. Everybody has the right to express their opinion. Just everybody has the right ignore said opinion, or agree with it. Between the forums, blogs, social media (faceboox/google+), and twitter there are a lot of places one can be heard.

The OSR is kaleidoscope of people doing their own thing centered on classic DnD and old school in general. It only natural that people in the attempt to wrap their head around it to try to it fit into a nice set of definitions or a particular "story".

But it is bigger than that, much much bigger.

My advice on dealing with it? Embrace the craziness, enjoy what you like and have fun.

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Erik Tenkar said...

Rob has it right.

I'm half tempted to ask if I can repost this at The Tavern, because you expressed it better than most any I know ;)

Rob Conley said...

I hereby declare my OSR Maxims open content and dual licensed under the OGL and Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 (Attribution Sharelike)

Doug Davison said...

Great advice. Thanks for the shout out for FG as well.