Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year, and the annual DriveThruRPG report.

 Happy New Year

I wish everybody a Happy New Year! I have much to be thankful for in 2023, especially family, friends, and work. I want to thank everyone who supported my How to Make Sandbox Kickstarter. I appreciate the outpouring of support for my project.

How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox

Because of my backers' generosity, I was able to increase the size of my art order. I commissioned 17 additional pieces from Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games. I also got back the cover art from Richard Luschek, who did an outstanding job!

Once I get the interior pieces back I will be able to complete the layout and start the process of ordering proof prints of the two remaining books: How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox and the Isle of Pyade setting book. 

DriveThruRPG Numbers

Ever since I released Blackmarsh in 2011, I have had at least one download every day. Each download is accompanied by an order number. By tracking the first download of Blackmarsh every year I gain a rough sense of the volume of business that DriveThruRPG does. I am sure that many of the order numbers are internal transactions; however, from the experience I had with accounting, those increase as the total volume of business for a company also increases.

So, without further ado, here are the latest figures.  From a pandemic high in 2020, it appears that DriveThru's total volume of sales has been relatively flat from 2021 to the present. 

Once again Happy New Year!


JB said...

Happy New Year, Robert! Glad you're getting support for your project!
: )

Darren said...

Rob. Question for you, on page 18 of the Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches you list Demographic information. The numbers for the Nomads seem very high. How did you come up with them? A Nomadic lifestyle appears able to feed far more folks than agriculture for the same amount of area.

Menelaos said...

Hi Rob. I am in charm about your settings and have question about my project: I want to transfer your settings to module on Foundry Vtt. How can we talk about it? Any thoughts?

Robert Conley said...

@Menelaos, Blackmarsh is free for anybody to make a project off of as it is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. As long as the credit is included feel free to make a Foundry VTT module.

Over time, I will be releasing more settings under CC-BY.