Monday, July 27, 2020

Random OD&D Treasure Types and Unguarded Treasure

A while ago while working on the Wild North for Fight On! Magazine I coded up the ODnD treasure types in Visual Studio using the dotNET library. Unfortunately sharing EXEs is problematic due to the variety of computer out there so it sat there on my hard drive.

In the past two years, I been delving into javascript which is a popular programming language that runs in your browser. As a result I been transferring over some of the random table dotNet stuff I did into a javascript program. The first one done is the ODnD Treasure Types and Unguarded Treasure. You can access it at the following link.

I will expand it later with some of the other tables I have coded up with dotNet.

As reminder I have the following javascript programs as well.

Note it is just two character standing still and whacking each other in turn. 


shanepatrickward said...

This is super handy. Thank you very much

Piper said...

Thanks for making and posting this, Rob. Nice work!

paleologos said...

Exceptionally cool - many thanks for sharing!

Tamás Kisbali said...

Yesterday, I made something similar in Excel... Today, I discovered this post :) Thanks!!