Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Covid-19, the Wilderlands and Printed Poster Maps

I just got a notice from Onebookshelf that their card/poster printing facility was shut down as part of their state's efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19. All card and poster options are set to private.

Accordingly any purchase of any Bat in the Attic Wilderlands Map PDFs product made on or after March 21st (this covers a handful of existing purchases) will be matched with a discount coupon to buy the print copy at cost plus $1 (so it shows as a sale).

The only issue is that I won't be issuing the coupons until after Onebookshelf starting printing cards and posters again. This is because these coupons work on private projects. However OBS makes it easy to identify (by customer #) who purchase products and to issue a discount coupon.

The print copies of the guidebooks still can be purchased.

The at-cost prices
Wilderlands of High Fantasy $4.80
Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde $4.80
Wilderlands of the Magic Realm $3.84
Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches $3.84
Bundle: $17.28


Josh said...

Would your contract with Bledsaw allow you to keep these products up for sale if you keep them at cost?

Robert Conley said...

Since it involves a sale of the PDF in order to get the coupon it amount to the same net profit as I don't charge extra for the PDFs on a print sale.

K2h2m3 said...

On the 20th of March I ordered the Wilderlands guidebook print bundle and the Wilderlands map print bundle. I recieved the guidebook bundle last week but was informed yesterday(April 2nd) that drivethru had cancelled my map order. Needless to say I am less than impressed. Will I also be able to get the maps at a later date or do I now own four useless books?

Robert Conley said...

You will be able to get the maps after the covid situation is resolved and OBS is allowed to reopen their card/poster printing facilities.

I looked at your sales order and you should have the Map PDFs in your library. Let me know if is otherwise.

K2h2m3 said...

Sorry! With everything going on I totally forgot to follow up on this. Yes the PDFs are in my library. I'm not sure if it matters but the Wilderlands of High Fantasy map PDFs are from 2018 as I was a backer for CSIO. Thank you very much for following up on this.

Robert Conley said...

OK so if you are a CSIO backer look in the Kickstarter posters for a at-cost (+$1) code for ordering the maps when they open up print again. It is one the recent ones.