Sunday, February 3, 2019

Keyed City State of the Invincible Overlord PDF

Since the fall of 2018 Steve Wachs of Red Pub Games has been working on a new version of the City State of the Invincible Overlord PDF. This version has the text of original entries formatted as notes on the map. Just hover or click over a named location and the text will appear. This will be useful a quick reference if you use a laptop, tablet, or mobile device as a referee aid during a session.

Steve put a lot of work into this. The original CSIO has several hundred entries of different location. In addition Steve spearheaded a community project to come up with description of previously undescribed locations.

For example the Misty Passage Saloon in the village outside of CSIO.

Cronyn Wildhair MU, NG, LVL:4, HTK:9, AC:9, SL:5, STR:13, INT:7, WIS:15, CON:14, DEX:10, CHA:13, WPN: Dagger

Dolmay the Mouser, bartender, FTR, N, 3 LVL, 16 HTK, AC 9, Dagger; Zahra Brighteyed, cook, TH, NE, 3 LVL, 12 HTK, AC 9, Dagger; help Cronyn.  They may all (20%) be off adventuring for 1-4 weeks.   Skeleton crew runs in their absence.  Frequented by Caravan Drivers, Fighters, Merchants, and Sailors, NA 4-24, 1-4 LVL.  Specialty is fried fish and ale, 2 gp.  425gp, 687sp, and 2 Ioun Stones in Catoblepas Head mounted above bar.  Disturbing it causes it to fall, 2d6 crush damage. 

Rumor: The ship The Briny Beholder, laden with golden treasure, ran aground south of River Torn and north of Sea Rune.  All attempts at recovery have been thwarted by Giant Crabs.

Everybody who has gotten a copy of the PDF of the CSIO map will have their file download updated.

All that Steve asked for are physical copies of the CSIO and Wilderlands material I produced and that it be released free to the backers of the CSIO project.

For those who haven't gotten the map or the PDF use the following link.

City State of the Invincible Overlord, Color Map
remember the PDF option for print is  free so pick Print+PDF not just print.

Wilderlands of the Magic Realms
This should be coming out in late February/early March. I will be including some of the underwater and sailing rules and encounters found scattered throughout various Judges Guild supplements. The Wilderlands of the Magic Realms and Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches have maps that are dominated by oceans and seas.

In addition there will be an extensive list of open content monsters as the last two Wilderlands booklets incorporated creatures from the later supplements of the original rules. And many of these creatures don't have open content equivalents or are found in less well known sources.


ShandyAndy said...

Rob, is the file with the pop up comments on hover over, CSIO_Keyed_via_Stickies.pdf? I've just downloaded it & I'm not seeing the text when hovering over named sites. I've tried viewing the file in Edge, Chrome & Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Robert Conley said...

Getting it sorted out.

Robert Conley said...

There is an issue with OBS tampering with the PDF via watermarking. So I uploaded it again as a zip file. If you already grabbed it download the zip file instead.

Unknown said...

Cheers Rob. Just FYI it's now working in Chrome & Adobe Acrobat Reader. In Edge it just shows a white letter in a red circle symbol.

Appreciate the work Steve put into this and for you making it available. Another very useful tool that's going into my Wilderlands campaign

Jeremy "frothsof" Smith said...

I enjoyed this post and featured it on my podcast this week.

bad dog said...

I purchased the first two Wilderlands sets. I will get an e-mail when you publish the third one, correct. I have the originals but I don't like to take them out to the game room as things sometimes things get rowdy and those old maps are fragile. Also, your color maps are really cool.

Robert Conley said...

I will send out an email through DriveThruRPG. Also watch the blog.