Monday, October 8, 2018

Some bad news about Google Plus

Google Plus was Google's answer to facebook. It never got widespread adoption but among specific niches of internet it was heavily used compared to facebook. One of those niches is the OSR.

And now it appears the Google is shutting it down or at the least radically changing it.

Damn it. I really despise the Facebook interface and because of that I have not kept my Facebook account as clean as my Google Plus setup. I guess my wife, Kelly Anne will be happy as facebook is her primary home on social media.

Well it was good while it lasted.

The link to the annoucement


PatrickW said...

That was a weird announcement. 90% of is about the bug in their API and the rest is summed up as "social media is HARD, so we quit".

Greyhawk Grognard said...

Folks are welcome to come over to the OSR group on MeWe.

Sean said...

As Joseph suggests, there are alternatives. The ones I've been looking into are

Diaspora (specifically for G+ refugees)

Mewe seems to be the one with momentum in our circles.

PeelSeel2 said...


Humabout said...

Discord is the only social media I bother with, and there are sime good servers already up, specifically, Tenkar's Tavern

Mystic Scholar said...


Alex Schroeder said...

Rob, can I add your blog to ? Trying to help keep the blogosphere alive. :)

Robert Conley said...

@Alex Schreoder, sure and thanks!