Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Don't buy the Scourge of the Demon Wolf! (Issue Resolved)

At least not from Noble Knight Games. Now some authors would be all up in arms about somebody obviously price gouging their own products. Especially when it still available for sale at it original price of $15 at Lulu and RPGNow.  I am enough of a libertarian that I support the right for Noble Knights to do this. But I will take advantage of my right to mock them for trying to rip off an unsuspecting buyer.

Poking around their site I find they are selling the Majestic Wilderlands for $30 ($12 from Lulu or RPGNow)

Looking at some of +James Raggi stuff is not passing the smell test in my opinion.

Again it Nobles Knight right to sell the material they have for whatever the market will bear and it our right to mock them for it when it get ridiculous. Especially when they have a shaky reputation due to the fact they don't post actual pictures of the high dollar collectibles they are selling.

UPDATE: After reading various comments, I want to stress rarely in life anybody is complete villain. Noble Knights has been in business a long time with a good reputation for service.  I placed several orders with them over the years with no issues except for one minor one where I got the wrong cover. But since it was the only one they had and I wanted the content as well, I was fine with it.

However for long time there been complaints about their refusal to post actual pictures and there been incidents with high dollar items that would have been adverted if they had. You can search the Acaeum forum to read about other collectors experiences.But for the most part they do verbally report the accurate condition of the product.  Then there is there pricing which always been on the high side. Although bargains are not hard to find over time.

However marking various readily available OSR product up at 100%? There no excuse for that. It is a decision that warrants mocking and criticism until it is addressed.

Finally I want to thank +Erik Tenkar for getting the word out about this on his blog.

FURTHER UPDATE: I had a nice exchange with Naomi from Noble Knights Sales. So the prices has been updated which you can see here. It is slightly higher but that in line from what I know about how vendor like Noble Knights operate. I don't know how much they paid for it but given their history of service I will take their word that what they need for a proper profit. So kudos to Naomi and Noble Knight Gams for responding promptly. Still need to use actual picture tho.

As for the rest of the OSR people need to make sure they are on their toes. If you have pertinent information or an OSR author of one the products list then contact Noble Knights at sales@nobleknight.com.  Be polite!


Tenkar said...

I may need to spread the bandwidth on this later

Robert Conley said...

Thanks Erik

Unknown said...

(Edit: deleted previous comment because of a mistake)

Sad that they are overpricing items that are currently in print, hopefully they will address this, and good job bringing it to light.

I am going to disagree with the "shaky reputation for not having pictures" part. Their items are in the condition they say they are, probably one of the few online sellers that when says something is like new, it really is like new.

Robert Conley said...

Reading my post a second time my last paragraph doesn't paint a accurate picture of Noble Knights so I modified the post with an update. Thanks for point that out.

Unknown said...

Nice update Rob, my hat to you.

Mystic Scholar said...

Keep them honest, Rob. ;-)

Uncle Sam said...

I followed your link to where they reduced the prices. But they make it look like the price has been reduced. Not corrected. Example Scourge of the Demon Wolf originally 35.00, now 18.00, you save 17.00. The ill informed would think that they are getting a killer deal. As opposed to the fact they are paying standard retail. Seems a bit like a shady tactic. Course I'm a fairly jaded fellow so your mileage may vary.

WithintheDungeon said...

Some products are still listed as out of print, which are available in print on Rpgnow and Drivethru...

I'm not concerned about the price point. They can list products at whatever they think they will sell. But listing them as out of print, when in fact they are available isn't good business.

I've sent them an email.