Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Big GURPS Dungeon Fantasy News

Well hot damn, SJ Games is doing a kickstarter to release a powered by GURPS Dungeon Fantasy RPG. And it is a boxed set no less with five books inside.

While I wasn't expecting a boxed set, this is something that I been advocating for a long time over on the GURPS forum. There are posts from me from as early as 2008 saying that this should be done. As well as the equivalents for the other major genres like Science Fiction and Horror. If this is successful we may see similar Powered by GURPS RPGS from SJGames.

Also note they are stressing the Ready to Run aspect which was a point I kept hammering to point where I was probably very annoying to a lot of the GURPS staff.

Back in the early 2000s after a few campaign of GURPS 4e under my belt I wished for three things from SJ Games

  • Better support for the fantasy genre. Which I got in the Dungeon Fantasy
  • Ready to run out of box GURPS RPG. Which is now happening.
  • A Third party content program.
Dare I hope for a triple? Probably will have to wait a while considering how long it took for the first two.

I keep everybody posted on further developments.

1 comment:

Carlos de la Cruz said...

"Space Opera, powered by GURPS" would be awesome.

This is a very bold move by SJG.