Saturday, March 5, 2016

A bad accident in the new gaming room.

Due to foundation issues, I had to tear down my two garages with an apartment on top. The apartment where I had my gaming setup and ran tabletop games. In it's place Kelly Anne and I built a workshop.

This is the corner where the gaming table will be going. The shelves will have all my books, miniatures, and other games. I took this just they were finishing painting the ceiling hence the black paper on the floor.

It was completed last week and I been moving stuff out of storage in and getting it sorted. Then the accident occurred.

If you want your own accident, you can get this at ThinkGeek Kelly Anne got this for my birthday last year. It didn't work so well on my car, kept falling off, but I kept it as was pretty neat. It was in one of the first boxes I opened. As I was looking at, the window next to where I will be putting the gaming table caught my eye. I thought "yeah this is is the perfect place."


Gothridge Manor said...

You scared me there for a second Rob. I thought 'oh crap what happened now', glad it wasn't serious. You can tell I didn't throw that die, it hit with a 20.

Douglas Cole said...

I was thinking the same thing - die really ought to read '1' :-)

Robert Conley said...

@Douglas Cole, I kinda of wondered that myself. It definitely should be a 1 not a 20.

The Happy Whisk said...

That is a neat gift. I love it. Great new space, too.

Chris C. said...

That is totally awesome -- I love it!

Glad you have such a great place to game!