Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Harn Day in the Attic

It is another Harn Day in the Attic. I got the latest Harnquest from Columbia Games. For those of you who don't Harn is packaged into a series of loose leaf articles that you put into a binder. Columbia Games give an option to subscribe to all their new Harn releases at a discount. The releases are spaced anywhere from 4 to 6 times a year. It is a bit pricey even with the discount but the quality is always outstanding. The releases are a mix of old material that is reprinted and expanded and completely new material.

Minilaous Keep

Minilaous is the seat of a small out of the way Barony in the Kingdom of Kanday in western Harn. Like all newer releases it details the personalities of the inhabitants in greater details and include a section on adventuring hooks. The background of the keep includes details on the legacy of being conquered by the Theocracy of Tekhos (think fanatics on Jihad for a God of the Undead) and the fact it is a seaside community

Chimerae: Centaur.

Chimerae are the various hybrid creatures of legends like the Griffin or Hippogriff. This articles expands the original Chimerae article to include the Centaurs of Harn. It is a short but interesting take on a traditional trope.

Haakapik Inn

 In recent years, Columbia Games has been releasing a series of short articles detailing the inns, taverns and other estabilshments. This is one is about a low rent viking bar. I found it very atmospheric and it features a lot of hooks to generates adventures from. A great resource if you want to run a campaign inspired by History Channel's Vikings.

Moleryn Castle

This is the expanded reprint in this Harnquest. Moleryn is the capital of a frontier province in the Thardic Republic of Harn. The expanded details include more details on the personalities of its inhabitants and details on the castle that is part of Moleryn. I particularly like how the endemic corruption of the Republic was fleshed out and detailed in this version of Moleryn.  Each province of the republic is jointly ruled by a magistrate for civil affairs and a marshal for military. The Magistrate is not even physically present in the town and has turned over his official residence and subordinate offices to his corrupt relatives.

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