Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Divine Magic Version 2

As promised here the rules for divine magic. The main challenge were allowing cleric to have  access to all divine spells but somehow tying the maximum spell level to something in-game. In this case I opted to tie to the skill bonus for Knowledge(Theology). Specific to my campaigns was that cleric/priest got a specific bonus spell at 3rd level. I converted that into a rule that use of the bonus spell is not fatiguing except on a critical failure.

Also yesterday I decided at the last minute to write a In a Nutshell section that summarizes the rules as a introduction. I like this idea and place to use it in the other sections of the rules.

Divine Magic

In a Nutshell
The character can cast divine spells with a Religious Ritual roll. The higher the spell level is the more difficult the spell is to cast. The character can cast Divine spells where the spell level is equal to or less than his Knowledge (Theology) skill bonus without an additional penalty. Casting is fatiguing and repeated casting without rest will cause the character to pass out. A spell can be cast as a longer ritual without fatigue.

With the right aspect a priest can cast a spell as a single combat action. Casting requires a successful Religious Ritual roll based on the difficulty of the spell. Casting is fatiguing unless a critical success or a high degree of success is rolled.

Religious Ritual
In order to successfully cast a spell, the result of a Religious Ritual roll needs to be equal to or greater than the spell level plus one.

Knowledge (Theology)
The level of spell the priest can cast without penalty is equal to Knowledge (Theology) bonus. For example a +3 bonus to Knowledge (Theology) allows the priest to cast up to 3rd level spells.

Higher level spells can be cast but the difficulty increases to two times the spell level +1. For example for the above priest to cast a 4th level spell requires a +9 or better result on his Religious Ritual roll.

Spell Components
In order to cast a spell, components costing 10d times the spell level squared are consumed. In addition the caster must be wearing or holding his holy symbol. One pound of spell components equals 100d.

The casting of spells from memory is fatiguing. Unless there is a +8 degree of success or a critical success (a natural +4). The character must make an endurance check or pass out. Afterwards the character’s endurance is reduced by 1. It takes 15 minutes of rest to regain each point of fortitude.

Each deity has one spell that is not fatiguing to cast (except on a critical failure). For example priest of Delaquain, the goddess of honor and justice can cast the 3rd level divine spell, Prayer without incurring fatigue.

Any divine spell can be cast as a ten minute rituals. In general Priests can cast any divine spell as a ritual and not incur fatigue except on a critical failure (-4).

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Mystic Scholar said...

I find the Knowledge (Theology) tie in to spell casting to be a fantastic idea.

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