Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Majestic Wilderlands Fudge Attributes

Here is the list of attributes I am using in the Majestic Wilderlands Fudge RPG. It is somewhat similar to how GURPS is setup.

The following the are the costs.  I started with one of the recommended point buy system in the Fudge SRD.

Here is the combat stat block from the Character sheet I made.

A very basic outline of combat is 

  • Roll for initiative 4dF+initiative..

Or if you really like how GURPS does things 
  • Go in initiative order from high to low.
  • Everybody get to do two actions on a turn. A move plus an attack, a long action or an attack/cast spell.

To Attack
  • Roll 4DF add your skill plus dexterity.

The target defends either choosing to parry, block, or dodge. Only one parry or block per turn. First dodge is at full subsequent dodges are at -2 cumulative per dodge. No defense against rear or surprise attacks.
  • Roll 4dF add your skill plus dexterity.
If the roll equals or is greater than the attackers roll then you have defended.
If it is under the difference is applied to the attacker's damage roll.
  • To do damage make an opposed roll of 4dF + weapon damage + strength vs 4dF + armor rating + shield bonus + fortitude. 
If the attackers wins then apply the degree of success as follows

+1 to +2 scratch, +3 to +4, Hurt (-1), +5 to +6 Very Hurt (-2), +7 to +8 incapacitated, +9 or better death.

Humans can take three scratches, two hurts, one very hurt, one incapacitated, one death. If you take more injury at a particular level you mark off one on the next worse levels. So if you took three scratches then your fourth scratch is a hurt. Hurt injuries causes you to be at -1 to all rolls. Very Hurt -2.

You can download a short price list with fudge stats for weapons and armor.
Note the +0 for buckler for the shield bonus is useful because it allows the use of the shield defense.

Here is a character sheet.

For magic just wing it using the spell list found here.

To successfully cast a spell roll 4dF + Thamautology + Intelligence. If you roll equal or greater than the spell difficulty you get the spell off. The degree of success acts as a penalty on the target's save if a saving throw is needed. The reason I have secondary characteristic named Reflex, Willpower, and Fortitude is to make d20 spell conversion easier. 

Each spell has a difficulty associated with it. If you use numbers then you can equate the difficulties as follows

Mediocre 1, Fair 2, Good 3, Great 4, and so on up the Fudge Scale. Note I don't plan on using the Fudge Scale just raw numbers.

Spell damage works the same as weapons except add the degree of success of the Thamautology roll instead of the weapon roll.

I had a full writeup but that was using Vancian magic and spell slots. I am in the process of switching it over to a system like the above and when I am done I will share it.


StuRat said...

Don't know FUDGE exactly, can you clarify?

If Constitution is +2, then Fortitude is +2 unless you spend points to change it?

And those changes start at '0'?
So, CON +2, but if you were willing to do FORT at only +1, you'd get a point back? But it would cost a point to go to +3, another to get to +4, and then two more to get to +5?

Is this what you are going to publish as your new Wilderlands book?

Robert Conley said...

Yes if Constitution is +2 then your Fortitude is +2. And if you lower it then you get the points back.

As for publishing I plan on selling it as a separate book from the existing Swords & Wizardry material.

My gamming for the past five years has been a mix of GURPS/Fudge campaigns and D&D campaigns so I got stuff for both.

Jason Packer said...

The GURPS influence is evident, as of course is the FUDGE. Have you looked at Savage Worlds at all? Some of the places you wind up feel like they're close cousins to what you find in SW - injuries in particular.

Alcamtar said...

I love the use of OCV and DCV. Reminds me of Hero.

Fortitude is a mental quality, roughly synonymous with courage. Is Con meant to be a mental trait? If so it seems that willpower should be based on Con, not Int. And I would think that willpower is redundant with fortitude.

I like the idea that initiative = speed + courage!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Jason: It does have a bit of a Savage Worlds feel to it, or it seems that way, based on my limited experience with SW.

Alex Osias said...

I really like this ruleset kludge. May take it out for a spin -- were there conversion rules earlier? I'll search and backread.