Friday, January 11, 2013

From the Attic: Greyhawk Gods

 In the early 90s I was reading the Greyhawk Boxed set for the Nth time and I was hit with an idea how to rationalize the Greyhawk Gods into religions (as to opposed to a list of powerful entities)

This is the result.


amp108 said...

Cool. Have you seen Zak's take on Deities and Demigods? It's here and here.

Phersv said...

Interesting. I think your text was also used as a direct basis by Pandaria in his campaign.

In my Oerth, modern Baklunis still worship Neutral Goddesses like Istus the Many-Colored, and not the official "Al'Akbar" (who really sounds too "derivative").

Your pantheons make sense in their historical development. I really like that, as Greg Stafford would say, there is no "MonoMyth".

Do you know Delcar's attempts to create Oerithian mythologies?

His version of Telchur (Telchia in your version) was not official (Telchur is supposed to be a brother of the seasons instead of their father) but it makes a good "Persephone/Demeter" Etiological Myth for the seasons.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Rob.

Rachel Ghoul said...

Whenever I see something like this I'm sort of perplexed by how little the pantheon described here resembles what I understood Greyhawk's gods to be like based on 3.x, with which I grew up.