Friday, November 16, 2012

Yet Another Harn Day (freebies)

Over on there is a couple of new releases that folks may find useful.

First is Many Manors 1 a PDF of ten Manor drawing in the Harn Map Style. These full color maps can be customize to depict any type of village or small settlement in your campaign.

Second is the Night People an article about Harnic Gypsies. It is generic enough that it can be transplanted into any vaguely medieval campaign setting. As a bonus it has a small map of a gypsy wagon.

Third is the Venarive Weather Generator, yes I have new agonies to inflict on my players. On a more serious note, the weather generation system for Harn is probably the most game friendly weather generator that emulates real world weather pattern. A problem has also been that we only every had two charts. One cool temperate for Harn and a sub polor chart for the viking land of Ivina. With Venarive Weather Generator all the other tempature/climate bands have charts.

What makes it simple is that it is just twenty entries. You move up and down the chart in according to a d6 roll. With a change of 1 up, 0, 1 down, or 2 down possible. The entries are arranged in a way that mimics real world weather changes. In all an simple and elegant to generate weather.

And while I mentioned this before, I can't recommend enough the Harn Pottage series or the Friends, Followers, Foes series. Pottage is a series of generic medieval locales and encounters while FFF has lavish illustrations and descriptions of NPCs.


Ardwulf said...

Isn't there a third one for Shorkyne?

Robert Conley said...

No Shorkyne is cool temperate like Harn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the light rain.