Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Print on Demand with CreateSpace

I just got a email from CreateSpace notifying me that they did away with the Pro Plan. Looking over their site it looks like they decided to operate more like Lulu then the weird byzantine setup they had before. They have a cheaper base price and more format sizes than lulu but offer a different set of royalty rates that you will have to review. For $25 per book you can get expanded distribution which has the best royalty option of anything I seen for PoD although I think it requires the use of an ISBN for the book.

Also unlike Lulu it appears their method of selling online is to have the author create a estore and customize it's appearance. Doesn't look much more difficult than setting up with Cafe Press. That setup offers the best royalty option outside of paying for Extended Distribution.

It good to have more options when it comes to Print on Demand.


Spiralbound said...

Now for someone within the community to speak up about what the production quality is like for CreateSpace books. How do they compare to the other PoD services?

Lord Kilgore said...

I've printed up one novel-type book (~300 pages) using CS and though the cover was a bit mis-aligned the binding and interior were very good.