Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Arena

I am doing some mapping for Tim on Starter Adventures and a miscommunication occurred. He told he wanted a simple arena like the one in Spartacus Blood and Sand. So Dwayne of Gamer's Closet and I looked at some trailers and figured out what roughly it looked like on all four sides. Then I tweaked the layout to make it unique.

It turned out that what Tim wanted was more of a fighting pit than an arena. So rather then let the map go to waste I am posting it for use in your campaigns. Click on the image to get the full resolution version.

  1. The Arena Floor, it is has a sand and sawdust floor.
  2. Room is where the Gladiators stay before their fights.
  3. The animal pens with a set of bar gates to safely get the animal from the cages into the arena.
  4. These pens can hold larger animals or more typically those sentenced to die in the arena.
  5. Store
  6. Store
  7. Commoner Entrance
  8. Small Store
  9. Small Store
  10. Small Store
  11. Noble Entrance
  12. Noble Seating, The small room to the south is where slaves can prepare drinks and meals for their masters.
  13. Common seating. They are in three tiers stacked three feet above each other.
  14. Food vendors, commoners can buy food and drink during the fights.
Hope this is useful.


Anaxim said...

I really like these. Might use 'em myself.
I think the food vendor is a really great touch, and the building feels like it could be the centerpiece of a town with the shops being the primary source of income from trade the town has - regardless of the fights.

Awesome stuff =D

Christopher said...

This should come in handy for whenever gladiatorial combat comes up, which I'm sure will happen and which I'd been worried about figuring out how to run. Thanks!

Jim said...

Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Rob this looks great. It really should be the center piece in some town that is either bandit run or the culture is based on Roman.